What Are The Unique Ways Of Reducing Air Pollution?

Posted by Admin on April, 19, 2022

Air pollution is one of the greatest threats of the 21st century. Air pollution occurs due to unhealthy air particles and air substances. These harmful substances are really harmful to human health, even if they can damage the climate.

Air pollution occurs due to the presence of different air pollutants such as ammonia, carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide, nitrous oxide, methane, and carbon dioxide. Sometimes, these harmful gases can cause death to humans. Air pollution is a significant problem in this era that causes respiratory infection, stroke, lung cancer, and heart diseases.

Reasons for Air Pollution

The significant reasons for the air pollution are as follows-

The burning of fossil fuels- Maximum air pollution occurs due to burning fossil fuels such as gasoline, oil, and coal. The release of carbon monoxide from fossil fuels can cause air pollution. Burning of natural gas and fossil fuel can reduce natural gas.

Industrial emission- Industrial activities can cause several pollutants in the air. It can affect the quality of air significantly. Industrial pollution can affect health and cause breathing problems.

Wildfire- Climate change can cause an increasing wildfire. This can cause air pollution and massive health problem for wild animals and humans.

Transportation- vehicle or transportation pollution is one of the major air pollution causes. When the car burns gasoline, it releases pollutants in the air that is harmful as smoking 20 cigarettes a day.

Process of Controlling Air Pollution

Various air pollution control system can reduce air pollution from the air, such as follows-

Reduce the usage of cars- If you reduce car usage, you can control air pollution. In addition, people should try to use public transportation instead of personal transportation.

Turn off lights- If you use less electricity, you can save carbon usage. In this way, you can reduce carbon consumption and air pollution.

Recycling- If you use any product after recycling it, it can reduce the energy consumption level. Recycled products can consume less electric power and reduce the air pollution level.

Reduce the use of plastic bags- Plastic production can cause lots of harmful; gases. Even it takes a long time to decompose. Thus it is essential to reduce the usage of plastic bags to control air pollution.

Introduction of afforestation- Tree plantation is the best way to reduce air pollution. If you want to reduce air pollution, try to plant a huge amount of plants in your locality. It can release fresh oxygen that is good for human health.

Process of Air Pollution Control

Air pollution control systems can reduce and eliminate harmful particles from the air and control air pollution. Wastewater treatment, solid waste management and hazardous waste management are useful ways to check air pollution. However, controlling these harmful substances can save human life from various harmful diseases. These harmful substances are not good for human health. Thus, it is essential to reduce these substances in the air.

Thus, people should try to use the proper air pollution control process to manage their health and save the environment from damage.

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