Pharmaceutical Industries

Pharmaceutical Vacuum Conveying Systems from Rajdeep Engineering were developed to meet the demanding requirements of the pharmaceutical and other industries for top quality materials, surfaces and characteristics of all parts in contact with the conveyed materials.

This high quality, GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) vacuum conveying are used primarily by the pharmaceutical and color/lacquer industries. This design eliminates spaces where product might remain, and optimizes frequent product changes with easy, absolute cleaning of the process machinery to avoid product contamination and meet the highest quality standards. Units are easily dismantled without tools, can be cleaned quickly and can be sterilized .Vacuum Conveying Systems are offered as pre-configured units to suit the individual application.

Food and Chemical Industries

The versatile Rajdeep’s Vacuum & Pressure Pneumatic Conveying systems offers safe and hygienic powder handling. They are used throughout the food and chemical industries for the transfer of powder, dust, granulated material and small components. Even small metal chips from milling can be aspirated and conveyed without causing wear to the conveyor.


Benefits of Rajdeep’s Vacuum & Pressure Pneumatic Conveying System :

  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Easy-to-install and operate
  • Assemble and disassemble quickly and simply by hand without tools
  • Safe and reliable
  • Hygienic and easy to clean
  • Share common filters throughout the system


Advantages of Pneumatic Conveying VS Vacuum Conveyors :

  • Hygienic design of all components
  • State-of-the art filter technology
  • No compacting of the powder within the conveyor
  • Easy product discharging, full bore opening
  • Purely pneumatic powered systems with failsafe controls
  • Valves, fittings, instruments, controls to meet your specific application
  • No tools required for disassembly and cleaning
  • Rajdeep’s unique design allows the exact configuration to meet the specific demands of the conveying application. Our experience and product database along with our custom tests with your material, allow us to optimize your production process with the most suitable transport solution.

Great systems for plastic compounding, polyester production, plastic granulation and plastic film recycling

Long-term stability and maximum operational reliability are highly sought after in plastic compounding, polyester production, plastic granulation and plastic film recycling. No business can afford for its systems to sit idle. Rajdeep’s pneumatic conveying and dust collection systems have proven themselves to handle the rigors of plastic processing in multiple applications.

Our feeders handle materials from polyester fiber strands to TiO₂ and our in-plant bulk material transfer systems are offered in both dense and dilute phase to meet the materials needs of your process. For dust removal, our air filtration systems have been keeping plants and personnel safe for over the years.


Additional plastic industry applications for our products and systems include:

  • Pneumatically feeding additives, fillers, and other raw materials to extruders
  • In-plant bulk material transfer systems
  • Bulk bag unloading
  • Plant dust control systems
  • Feeding polyester fiber strands, polyester chips, PTA powders, TiO2 and carbon black
  • Handling light and fluffy materials without contamination

Cement Industries

Cement dust often poses application-specific challenges related to abrasion, moisture content and high dust loading Rajdeep Engineering understands that cement production requires extensive levels of dust control – from nuisance venting to process-specific applications – we have experience with them all! For over 40 years, high efficiency fabric filters have been used in the cement industry and most major production facilities have 40 to 80 fabric filter control systems ranging in size from 1,000 ACFM to over 1,000,000 ACFM.


Rajdeep Engineering has numerous installations on cement processes including:

  • Dust Extraction System
  • Material handling systems
  • Bag Loading/unloading stations


We are also experienced with handling the following material types related to cement production:

  • Limestone
  • Cement kiln dust
  • Clinker Dust
  • Gypsum Powder
  • Fly ash

Steel & Non-Ferrous Industries

Rajdeep Engineering has extensive experience as an air pollution control supplier and has a proven understanding of a wide range of metals industry processes and operations. Having the ability to apply air pollution control techniques to the many air pollution sources in this industry requires a great amount of experience and know-how. Rajdeep Engineering has been serving the ferrous and nonferrous metals industries for over 20 years. The engineers at Rajdeep Engineering have a unique ability to solve problems by applying a diverse range of products, as part of creative "systems" needed to address the many air pollution challenges. Rajdeep Engineering has the ability to solve your air pollution / dust collection problems, whether small or large, old or new.


Rajdeep Engineering has the ability to assist with your air pollution needs for the following types of applications :

  • Cast house De dusting Dust
  • Stock house De dusting Dust
  • Dense Phase & Lean Phase Pneumatic Conveying of Cast house & Stock House Dust

Distillary & Brewery Industries

Brewing innovations that enhance the taste of any beer. Rajdeep Engineering offers the beverage industry state-of-the-art process technology from a single source. Our aim is to provide high-quality material handling equipments as the basis for achieving an efficient beverage production process by ensuring optimal preparation and processing of beer. Our portfolio is very diverse, ranging from classic bulk storage and material handling system for Malt,Barley,Types of Grains,Starch & Sugar Handling Systems.


Rajdeep Provides :

  • Trunkeyn project of Grain handling and milling system malt and flour handling system.
  • lean /dense phase numatic conven for Silo loading and unloading system .
  • Bag Filter for aspiration system
  • Premashior,Grain storage silo.

Agro industry

Agro-products industry will improve both the social and physical infrastructure of India. The Indian agro industry has a huge potential, the significance and growth of which will never erase. The agro industry helps in processing agricultural products such as field crops, tree crops, livestock and fisheries and converting them to edible and other usable forms Agro processing conservation and handles of agricultural produce and to make it usable as food, feed fiber, fuel or industrial raw material. all operations from the stage of harvest till the material reaches the end users in the desired form, packaging, quantity, quality and price In Agro industry trouble shooting operation are product handling and storage.


In this industry RES provides :

  • Material handling equipment - lean/dense phase pneumatic conveying for agro product with Compressor, Root Blower and Centrifugal Fan, Screw Feeder, Rotary Air Lock Valve etc
  • Air pollution control equipment - Bag filter, DE system, Cyclone
  • Grain storage silo, Bin activator, weigh hopper with load cell etc.
  • Weighing and Batching machine, Bag Dump statio

Biscuit and Confectionery

Biscuit industry in India in the organized sector produces around 60% of the total production, the balance 40% being contributed by the unorganized bakeries. Biscuit market in India is around 12,662 crores. There are around 150 medium to small biscuit factories in India. In biscuit and chocolate industry to avoid loss of valuable material, reuse of material and for hygienic material conveying we


RES provides:

  • Material handling equipment - Lean/Dense phase pneumatic conveying of raw materials Flour, sugar, milk powder, choco powder and other ingredients etc.
  • Screw conveyor, Rotary Air Lock Valve etc
  • Air pollution control equipment - Bag filter or product collector ,DE system
  • Material Storage silo, Weigh hopper, Bin activator, Bag dump station, Hopper with load cell, Premasher etc.

Detergent industry

India today is one of the largest producers of soaps in the world. At present, the Indian Soap Industry is mainly divided into the Premium, Popular and Economy / Sub popular segments. The FMCG industry can be divided into organized and unorganized sector. It accommodates product lines such as soaps, detergents, skin care, hair care, oral care, cosmetics, disinfectants, other toiletries and processed packed food products In Detergent industry trouble shooting operation are raw material and product handling and convey to storage.


In this industry RES provides:

  • Material handling equipment - lean/dense phase pneumatic conveying for D, Natured Salt, APSM (Activated Poly Sodium Metasilicate), Precipitated Silica, Magnesium Sulphate, Alluminium Sulphate etc with compressor, root blower and centrifugal fan, screw conveyor, Rotary Air Lock Valve etc
  • Air pollution control equipment - Bag filter or product separator
  • Storage silo with load cell, weigh hopper, Bag Dump Station, Bin activator etc.
  • Weighing and Batching machine, Bag Dump station

Fertilizer Industry

India is the 4th largest producer of agrochemicals after USA, Japan and China. India produce more than 60 technical grade pesticide being manufactured indigenously by 125 producers consisting of large and medium scale enterprises. Various hazardous gases emitted by this industry are ammonia (NH3) and ammonium salt aerosols, nitric and nitrous oxides (NO and N2O), fluorine - as silicon fluoride (SiF4) and hydrogen fluoride (HF) - sulphur oxides (SOx ), and operation causes dust are unloading and feeding,mixing operations (in the reactor), storage (in the curing building), and fertilizer handling operations release fertilizer dust.


In this industry RES provide great solution by providing:

  • Material handling equipments : lean/dense phase pneumatic conveying for raw material like sulfur, coal, and phosphate rock, potash, potassium chloride. etc and for produced fetilizer, conical mixers, storage silo, Bin activator, Rotary Air Lock Valve etc
  • Air pollution control equipment: Bag filter, Dust control system, vent filter above storage silo ,gas cleaning system for dust free operation.
  • Weighing and Batching machine, Bag Dump station.

Foundry Industry

Foundry industry carried various types of castings which are produced from ferrous, non ferrous, Aluminium Alloy, graded cast iron, ductile iron, Steel etc .The growth of foundry industry is very important for inclusive growth, other engineering sectors & the overall Indian Economy. Foundries are major feeders for Electrical/Textile/Cement/Agro Machinery, Machine Tools & Engineering Industries. In Foundries various trouble shooting operation are raw material, ash handling and dust control


RES provide :

  • Material handling equipment - lean/dense phase pneumatic conveying for coal dust, silica sand, sand, Bentonite and ash etc, screw feeder, AIR slider, Rotary Air Lock Valve, Bag Dump station etc
  • Air pollution control equipment - Bag filter, vent filter above storage silo, DE system
  • Fume extraction system.

Petrochemical Industry

Petrochemicals are the derivatives of crude oil and natural gas. Olefins (ethylene, propylene & butadiene) and Aromatics (benzene, toluene & xylenes) are the major building blocks from which most Chemicals and Petrochemicals are produced. They are used in dyes, synthetic fibers, rubbers, plastics, pharmaceutical bulk drugs, industrial appliances, packaging industry, detergents (surfactants).


In this industry RES provide great solution by providing.

  • Material handling equipments - lean/dense phase pneumatic conveying for PTA powder ,polyester chips,HDPE chips, polymer granules etc ,screw feeder, storage silo , Rotary valve with pellet design & powder design.
  • Air pollution control equipments - Bag filter, Dust control system, vent filter above storage silo, Bag dump station
  • Our products are manufactured using premium quality raw material.

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